The Collection

The list below shows all items in the collection. The standard hire period is 1-4 days (dependent on bookings). Charges for additional hire periods can be discussed, and we can also arrange delivery, collection, catering and even wash up if you like!

If you’d like an idea of quantities needed for your event please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Trio (Teacup, saucer and cake plate with vintage teaspoon)£1.70
Teacup and saucer£1.20
Tea / side / cake plate (15 - 19.5cm)50p
Sandwich / starter plate (19.5 - 23cm)60p
Dinner plate / cake plate (25 - 27cm)80p
Milk jug75p
Sugar bowl75p
Sugar tongs50p
Cream / jam bowls80p
Large platters£3
Jugs, Bowls and Cake Stands
Water bottles (glass with rubber stoppers)£1
Glass serving bowls£1.50
Cake stands (one tier, glass)£3
Cake stands (two tier, china)£3.50
Cake stands (three tier, china)£4
Starter / dinner / dessert cutlery20p
Serving spoons25p
Cake slice75p
Sugar tongs50p
Table Decorations
Glass vases (small)£1
Glass vases (large)£2
Vintage bottles for flowers£1
Tin tea caddies£1.50
Glass / silver candlesticks£1
Vintage embroidered tablecloths£4
Large lace tablecloth for e.g wedding cake table£7
Extras for your Venue/Outdoors
Bunting ~ Pastel colours & vintage embroidery£10 per 10m
Crochet blankets (various sizes)£4
Reclaimed slates (for chalkboard signs)£2
Galvanised tin baths (to keep drinks on ice)£5
Croquet sets£8
Candle bag lanterns (to line your paths, x 10)£10
Garland lightsFrom £20.00
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